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Awsome Bike D Tate philly rider

This bike is awsome I just got my bike my bike 5 days ago and i have a lot to learn but i reall do enjoy what i have done up to this point.
I day my frist fall my first ride but my son was there to make sure i didn't hurt myself.and i do no that this won't be my last fall.
But i took it out today and it was great and i will start taking it out more when i get time. I just have to learn how to get it up the steps because it's heavy and i'm small and don't weigh much.
awsome bike i love it.
D. Tate Philly rider.

Alexander Cole
Highly recommend this seller and their products.

I'm an environmentalist, so I thought I'd buy an eco-friendly bike. That said, I'm not an avid cyclist and I bought a vintage bike that reminded me of my childhood. It came mostly assembled and the rest I had to assemble was easy to follow the instructions. The bike itself is high quality, easy to assemble and fun to ride. It brought back fond memories of riding as a kid.

Best bike ever!

Firstly, this bike is terrific! It is fast and grabs a lot of attention. Aside from that, the tires are great off road and have proven great on trails, just avoid thorns or get liners. The pedal assist kicks in whenever I pedal, or if I am tired I can rest and use the throttle by itself. The onboard computer can be tweaked to increase the max speed from 20 mph to whatever your weight and topography will allow. I've had it up to almost 30 mph. Overall, it was the best purchase for me. I have new freedom to explore my world!

Wendy. Jack
The bike arrived and exceeded my expectations! i would rate highly

Recommend this bike! Great quality, affordable, sturdy, fits right out of the box, and very comfortable. Pedal, pedal assist or full throttle options complete this bike. It's everything one is looking for in a bike and fun. I bought this bike for the enjoyment of riding it and probably for running errands.

Well-Rounded, Excellent Build Quality, Good Performance

When I ordered this, I wasn't expecting that it would earn 5-stars. I assumed it would probably be 4-stars.

But this bike manages to do it. This is a very well thought out build. Everything is well-integrated and seamless, you don't feel like this is a "kit" at all like some ebikes. This feels designed from the ground up. This feels more like an "electric motorcycle" than it does an ebike. Even the look of the bike is more like a motorcycle.

It was packaged quite well to protect it from shipping damage. In fact, it took quite a while to "unwrap it" due to all the padding wrapped around it. It comes mostly pre-assembled. You only have to bolt on the handlebars, screw on the pedals and mirrors, inflate the tires and attach the bags. Other than that, just charge up the battery, slide it into place and you're ready-to-go.

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