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The Urban Drift FIGOO S2 is class-3e-bikethat folds for storage/transporting.

Urban Drift FIGOO S2 folding e-bike review

TheUrban Drift Figoo S1electric bike punches above its weight with surprising power and versatility. Thisaffordable electric bikedelivers speed, torque, and premium features you wouldn't expect for under $1000.

Urban Drift Figoo S1 Fat Electric Bike

Urban Drift, a leading electric scooter brand, recently unveiled its latest innovation: the Urban Drift Figoo Folding Electric Bike. This stylish and high-performance e-bike is perfect for city commuters and outdoor adventurers alike.

Urban Drift Unveils New Electric Folding Bike

There are so many types of e-bikes to choose from, it can be hard to pick, but theUrban Drift Figoo S2is the best folding fat tiree-bikefor both city commuters and adventure lovers. It combines style and functionality with its impressive performance, compact folding design and rugged fat tires.

Best Folding Fat Tire E-Bike Urban Drift S2

There are off-road scooters and then there is the G63 from Urban Drift. It's big, it's tough as a tank, and it's got dual suspension with a monstrous amount of travel! This power and durability comes at a cost with a curb weight of 91 pounds, so hopefully you don't need to carry it up any stairs.

2023 Urban Drift G63 Review

The Riders Have Spoken

John S.

Great Ebike For Getting

It's smaller than my other ebike, so fairly nimble. Seems to invite getting on and heading out for errands or just riding. Mostly use the rear motor only which provides more than sufficient speed on level groun.

Mary U.

Love it

Love itGot our bikes in January and were just able to take out this past weeekend for the first time!!! Absolutely love them!!! My wife has the figooS2 and she said it was so easy to ride, went 30 miles in the two days. Would highly recommend.

Joshua A.


All I have to say is WOW. This thing is a beast. Built like a tank and is very fast. I get about 25 miles of hard core full throttle. It would easily get 30+ with single motor. The g63 is a beautiful piece of machinery and I highly recommend this scooter.


Best bike ever!

This bike is awesome! It's fast and eye-catching. Besides that, the tires are excellent off-road and also good on trails, just avoid thorns or put on pads. This is the best purchase for me.

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